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Technical Support Service Suited to Your Requirements and Developing Situation
We refer engineers for the development, maintenance, and operation of your software and systems, and provide technical support suited for your requirements and developing situation. We are also looking for business partners and freelancers to whom we can collaborate with at any time. If you want to collaborate with us, please reach us using our contact form.

Our Businesses and
Maintenance Skills

Our Primary Business
Application development (SE/PG)/Server Engineering/Network Engineering
Our Skills
<OS> Linux, UNIX, Windows, General Purpose Computers, Solaris, CentOS
<Language> JAVA, PHP, Peal, Ruby, Python, Go, C#, C++, COBOL, NET, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
<DB> Oracle, SQLserver, MySQL, DB2, CentOS, PostgreSQL
<Framework> Spring, AJAX, Strurs

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We are looking for partners to whom we can share more developments with
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Recruitment of Freelancers

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