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Cloud File Server for Corporations
Taking pride on its cost performance, our cloud file servers are the industry's No.1 corporate cloud file server. It facilitates a harmonious operation as it is also equipped with a file transfer function specialized for business use. Highly adopted as a back-up destination to store corporate data, the technology of our very own cloud file server has materialized the factors needed for business use such as safety, operability, and large volume.


GANTAI - A Special-purpose Machinery for Mosaic Processing
From the unique standpoint of a video production company, this product focus on mosaic processing, where there is an increase in demand due to the improvement of image quality and privacy that protects one's publicity rights. This is the first dedicated editing machine in developed Japan that specializes in mosaic processing. GANTAI streamlines mosaic processing, which is normally time and effort consuming. This product will totally change the existing workflow.


NAK-BAND - High Bandwidth IP Transmission Device
Secures a large bandwidth by bundling commonly used Internet service providers.
This will significantly reduce your running costs as you can buy a 1 Gbps line for 200,000 JPY instead of a 10 Gbps line for 10 million yen. NAK-BAND series turned a dream-like high bandwidth IP transmission device into reality.

sel et

Humanoid Fashion Brand
Aside from the existing categories like men's, ladies', and kids, our fashion brand is the pioneering in the industry for creating a new category referred to as "humanoid". Ten years from now, we visualize a world where humans and robots coexist and live together under one roof. Through sel et, we came up with a new lifestyle as one of the future initiatives that can be started as soon as now.


Centrally-managed Cryptographic Equipment
It is a centrally-managed cryptographic equipment that enables central management of long-distance terminals and a wide array of accesses from an employee's computer. Independently developed by Fairway, this draws a line from a general VPN device. It has a lineup that can accommodate a small office of 10 people to a large office of 1000 people, totally covering all computers including those that are out of the office.

Large File Data Transfer Service
From the viewpoint of a creator, this service was developed by our video production for creators. We have set up functions such as sharing of transfer status and proof of data delivery, which supports the work efficiency of creators. Conceived from our unique ideas and technology as a video production and IT company, this service embodied our motto "create if there is none and try if it is interesting".