IT Business

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Blockchain Platform Development
Blockchain technology objectively verifies unique data in an easy-to-replicate digital technology.
We provide an optimal platform for business models that use this technology.
We develop various services including server groups storing block information, mining farms providing computing skills, as well as separate storage system for private keys to prevent leakage.


Research and development about the possibility of broadening AI use
AI technology can also be utilized in any field in the same manner as the extensive use of IT in various fields. Although it is said we are in a generation where AI can take over our jobs, we believe that it can perform like a human in all types of work, which will efficiently bring forth more convenience. For that purpose, we develop research and technology together with our clients.

Infrastructure Building

Optimization and building of communications infrastructure demanded by companies
Network has become either equally important or more important than electrical wiring, be it a small or large office, or a building with multiple floors. First and foremost, it is important to come up with various designs and plan to establish communication, security, and to be in accordance with laws related in handling recent information.
We look into our client's needed environment and provide them with an optimal network infrastructure.

Application Development

Propose and develop ways to make good use of applications
In these times when businesses thrive with the use of Internet, we have a wide range of business models ranging from game applications to business applications.
We develop applications that suit our client's business model to cater to different languages and enhance our client's business performance.

Data Center

Operation of data centers with 24-hour manned support
Websites, social media, games, and other activities using the Internet start from the server and are consolidated there. Therefore, they continuously require a stable operation and planned expansion. Our data centers are not merely made up of rented equipment, but of a 24-hour operating system with manned support in order to meet our clients' demand of a stable management.