Entertainment Business

visual component factory

Video Production

Method of communication, a message to get across through advertising
Video advertising, whose market has expanded on par with the fast-growing market of smartphones, has become an essential advertising tool for any company and services. We provide one-stop video production services that include planning, filming, editing, and delivery for corporate commercials and promotional videos. If necessary, we can also provide drone photos, which will be taken by a licensed drone pilot.

Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast Platform in Every Environment
Live broadcast services have become equally influential as mass media even in a business setting. The market scale is expanding year by year, particularly in the field of advertising, publicity, and promotion. We make use of our unique know-how and technology as a video production and IT company to offer high-quality videos and live broadcast for various environments.


Deliver reality through entertainment
We mainly deal with products and services targeted at companies; however, we regularly hold organized events for the society and the general public. As part of our PR activities as a company, we provide the society with new entertainment such as private viewing of various products and services, drone race events, and other events to attract customers in commercial facilities.


Finding possibilities, shaping ideas
When launching products and services to the public, one can make use of every possible methods and styles such as websites, brochures, social media, video advertisement, and events. Which method and style will you use, and when are you going to launch it? We make use of information technology to plan, propose, and materialize the best promotional strategy.

Studio Management

A Base Where People Gather to Share Information
We operate a chroma key studio at the basement of our Roppongi Headquarters, and a satellite studio inside Tenjin PARCO in Fukuoka. Each of these studios has the latest equipment with professional specifications in order for us to meet every demand in video streaming. We use these places as an official studio for Internet programs and live broadcast.