visual component factory

IT Business

From our leading data center and cloud services to latest technologies using block chains and AI, network building, operations, and monitoring, we have achieved diversification of our IT business. Using our extensive know-how and trusted technology, we optimize business operations to bring into reality a platform that supports the growth of companies.

Entertainment Business

We do promotion for companies and products, planning for events, as well as planning and production of TV commercial and videos. Making use of technology unique to IT companies, we specialize in producing entertainment, and run live broadcasting stations in Tokyo and Fukuoka. We respond to a wide range of demands, adding a touch of our ideas into it.

SES (System Engineering Service)

We refer engineers for the development, maintenance, and operation of your software and systems, and provide technical support mainly by our system engineers and server engineers to suit your requirements and developing situation. We are also looking for business partners and freelancers to whom we can collaborate with at any time.

Product Business

Adopting our motto "create if there is none and try if it is interesting", we create products and provide services that are conceived from our unique ideas and know-how as a video production and IT company.